Casual & Charming!

Koekeloer is the brainchild of Henriete du Toit and was founded on her passion for trendy, elegant and affordable jewellery and pretty things.

For her the process of designing, creating and packaging every item is an act of love and passion.

This ensures, that every Koekeloer creation, is a classic yet trendy keepsake.


From sleek and modern bracelets to charmingly elegant earrings, all Koekloer creations keep our special clients' tastes and styles in mind.

Koekeloer jewellery is a quirky combination of the old and new with a strong focus on fashion and trends. 

A wide variety of earrings, bracelets and necklaces are available in different settings, sizes and colours.

Koekeloer jewellery combines glass cabochons and printed images with different wood, silver, bronze and black settings.