The Face Behind Koekeloer

Wife, mother of four, lover of all things beautiful and a creative, old soul.

I think I've been a maker or creater all of my life - whatever their calling it :)  Being creative and playing around with colours, shapes and forms have always been my safe space and my passion. To create something beautiful with my own hands, to bring to life that which inhabbits my imagination, gives me one heck of a kick.

I believe that our Creator do not make mistakes and that we all are made within His image - we all are beautiflully made. With Koekeloer I aim to create beautiful pieces that will perfectly compliment your outfit.  Adding just a spoonful of confidence so that you can go out and be be your glorious self. Kicking butt and taking names and living each moment to its fullest. Carpe diem!

Love, Beléne.